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V- Village of Random Acts of Kindness

By Mardra Sikora

In some ways, we in the Down syndrome community are our own village.

V - Village

This last March 21st organizations and individuals reached out to unknown friends and presented them with random acts of kindness. A lovely introduction to our village.


The idea for WDSD RAK was conceived and designed by the “big groups” then disseminated to individuals and local groups to do and facilitate however they wanted. That’s the beauty of what made this really work. Everyone could take a hold and do what felt right for them.For example, the lovely Big Blueberry Eyes Family – they really made a day of it. Others gave quarters with signs at laundromats, or chick-filet, or Starbucks, and on. Josh and Joey had a lot of great input on Random Acts to share.

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U – United Nations

By Susan Adelman

U - United Nations

In its essence the United Nations (UN) is a family, a family of nations. And at the heart of its millennial missions is the family. As a result, for 2015 an emphasis on the family motivated the UN to invite families from its member nations to take part in the issues affecting them and the world. Humanity is diverse, and the UN recognizes that diversity is not just about skin color. Different abilities paint the landscape of humanity as much as color and gender. How we, as a society, treat our most underserved is reflective of who we are.

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