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Giveaway Thursday – Girlfriend

Thursdays during Down Syndrome Awareness Month we’ll be giving you a chance to watch a movie on us! We’re starting off with Girlfriend a 2012 film directed by Justin Lerner.

The film won the 2011 Gotham Audience Award, the Audience Favorite at the Mill Valley Film Festival, the Grand Jury Prize and Best Director at the White Sands International Film Festival, and the Grand Jury Prize and Best Narrative Feature at the Woods Hole Film Festival.

Synopsis: A young man with Down syndrome (Evan Sneider) romantically pursues a small town single mom who is still mixed up with her volatile ex-boyfriend.

Visit the movie page and Evan’s page on Facebook to enter. Winner will be randomly selected at 6:00 pm tomorrow (Friday). Prize is $3.99 Amazon digital rental.


Who’s Your Hero? Born This Way Giveaway from A&E

What kinds of people do you admire? Is there a particular quality that you look for in a hero? What do you think qualifies as inspirational? For me there are many different kinds of heroes out there, mostly people who think of others more than themselves. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the kinds of parents I admire and why.

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Why I LOVE the 321 eConference! Knowledge is Power – & Giveaway!

321 eConference

Part of being a parent is learning what you need to know in order to support your children. When something like Down syndrome is involved there’s much more to learn. Access to information can be very different from family to family based on a multitude of reasons.  The 321 eConference levels the playing field a bit by providing access to experts at reasonable prices.

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Meet Sean – Star of #BornThisWay on A & E! Book Giveaway!


Here on The Road, we’re super proud of Sean and his mom Sandra! They’ve been involved in some of our community projects and we’re grateful for their participation.  To show some love, and help you get to know them a little better, we’re hosting a giveaway this week!

What you can win:

Autographed copies of all three books by Sandra that feature Sean!



My Name Is Sean and I Have Something to Share

Who’s the Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion and Exclusion

Who’s The Slow Learner? Adventures In Independence


You’ll have 30 chances to enter the giveaway! The best part is, each entry is designed to help you learn more about other great adults who have Down syndrome, some of the businesses they own, and some of the projects we’re involved in where you can learn even more!

All three books will be autographed by the author!

It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN, situation for everybody!


Sign up today! Winner will be chosen randomly at 5:00 pm ET on Wednesday, December 16th!

And don’t forget to tune in to A&E to see Sean and the rest of the cast on Born This Way Tuesday, 10/9c !

Follow the cast on the A&E website