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DSTV Wednesday – Life Goes On

In our exploration of Down syndrome in film, we will spend some time looking at portrayals on the small screen. Wednesdays will be devoted to how television has been used to raise awareness. Today, we’ll start at the most appropriate place – with Corky on Life Goes On. Continue reading DSTV Wednesday – Life Goes On

C is for Chris Burke’s 50th Birthday Video – A to Z Blogging Challenge

C on Blogging A to ZHere on The Road, we LOVE actor, singer, advocate and pioneer, Chris Burke!

In August last year, we celebrated his 50th birthday and his retirement from the NDSS.


Mardra wrote a letter to Chris, which was published by the Huffington Post and we sent him a poster full of well wishes.

We also had a great time making a video tribute!

#ChrisBurke50 – Happy Birthday Chris!

Straight Outta Love For ChrisToday we celebrate the 50th birthday of a pioneer in Down syndrome advocacy. Chris Burke became famous with his role as “Corky” in Life Goes On – but he didn’t stop there. His music and his message have been a source of hope for so many – especially those in the generation that grew up with him.

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Is There An ACTOR In The House? : Adults Who Have Down Syndrome Take The Stage

One of the ways society is finding out more about Down syndrome is through television and film. While healthy debates within our community critique the message of stories and methods used to tell it, we can all agree that the performances are priceless! We’ll be exploring how the arts allow adults with Down syndrome express their creativity and raise awareness as we prepare for the Ds Road Show in October!

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