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Bernadette Resha Included in DOWNRightART Exhibit

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DOWNRightART Statement


Bernadette Resha is a painter. Her art is vibrant, full of color and expression.



Since 2008, Alexander’s Angels has hosted a semi-annual “DOWNRightArt Exhibit.” Bernadette’s beautiful paintings have been a part of this great event each of the seven years it has been held since its inception.


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R is for the Ring – A to Z Blogging Challenge

R“Why do you want to be a writer?” He asked.

“Immortality.” I answered.

For once, he had no retort.

Artists remain alive in our conscious, remain relevant to our soul, always. In different ways, yes. In very personal moments, definitely. In the quiet and in the noise, artist’s work scream history and whisper emotion. Forever.

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P is for Precious – A to Z Challenge

Guest Blog from Downs Side Up

PThe Power of a Song

I recently began thinking about a song by Depeche Mode that was on a compilation CD in my car at the time I was pregnant with Natty. Just another track, probably one I skipped over a hundred times to get to my favourite.

After her birth the very same song suddenly became full of meaning, so hugely significant it could have been written just for us. It seemed to be speaking to the family of a child who was born vulnerable and spending her early, precious, irreplaceable weeks in a Neo-Natal unit. I actually listened for the first time.

It summed up the guilt we felt at our shock after her arrival, the sorrow that cut through us as we watched her being subjected to uncomfortable procedures, the pain of the empty crib at home where she should have been sleeping, the fear that she would grow up remembering the aloneness in the incubator, that overriding feeling all parents have that they would do anything at all to make things better.

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