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Phoenix Recap – NDSC15

By: Stephanie Holland
This year the annual NDSC convention was held in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.  The 100+ degree weather made things outside of the conference venue a bit sticky, but inside everything was “cool.”  If I had to sum up my own experience this year I would use these three words: collaboration, friendship, and hope.
As you can see from the picture above, our table in the exhibit hall Stephanie Holland, Mardra Sikora, & Jennifer Smolkadid triple duty this year – Jennifer Smolka was gracious enough to
share her spot for 321 eLearning with The Road and Marianne from Joey’s Ups with Downs. We all w
ork together throughout the year on webinars and the 321 eConference, and at the NDSC gathering we got to work side by side.
Jennifer, Marianne, Mardra, and I got to be all together in person for the first time!

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T is for Three Twenty One eLearning

Three Twenty-One eLearning on The Road We've Shared
How do you get current research, answers to questions, and access to experts out to people in the community?  Can you do it without the costs associated with travel?  How do bring physicians, researchers, teachers, and families together to learn from each other without having it cost a fortune?

The answer is 321 eLearning! 

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